Sequential Process

Step 1: Pre-assessment

1. Apply Online following this link, fill-up all fields and attach necessary documents for Pre-assessment and Evaluation.

2. Wait for advise.

Step 2: Initial Screening

1. The applicant will be notified that he/she passed the Pre-assessment and will be required to submit the necessary documents:
    ⌐ NSO issued Birth Certificate
    ⌐ Certificate of Eligibility
    ⌐ Transcript of Records/Diploma
    ⌐ 2 Valid Identification Cards with Picture

2. The Recruitment Officer shall conduct a face to face interview to observe demeanor, physical appearance and to initially evaluate the accuracy of the information indicated in his/her Online Police Application based on the available supporting documents.

3. The Recruitment Officer shall conduct the initial measurement of height and weight in the presence of HS and NAPOLCOM representative. Those who failed to meet the height, weight and age requirement shall not be allowed to proceed but instead will be included in the waiting list , to be referred to NAPOLCOM for the grant of waiver incase the number of applicants falls short of the approved quota.

4. The Recruitment Officer shall initially conduct visual physical inspection for presence of large tattoos and noticeable physical deformities.

5. Physical Agility Test (PAT) – This test is given to determine whether an applicant possess the required coordination, strength and speed of movement necessary in the police service. Passing the PAT only indicates the minimum physical ability required to undertake the police training.

The applicant shall pass all PAT events as follows:

The PAT shall be done sequentially from 1 to 3 and not in any order. For female bentch push-up, the height of the bench shall be 2 feet measured vertically from the ground level and applicants shall be rated “Passed or Failed” only. Absolutely, there shall be no retake of the PAT or any of the events within the same recruitment cycle.

6. Submission of Documentary Requirements – kindly -[click here]-for the list.

Step 3: Screening Proper

1. Psychiatric and Psychological Examination (PPE) – Psychological Evaluation consists of an individual oral interview and evaluation of behavior especially even under stress which are commonly related to the job of a police officer. The evaluated information includes the written psychological tests as well as the background findings. After this step, passer may undergo drug test.

2. Physical, Medical and Dental Examination (PMDE) – The medical evaluation is comprehensive thus, it is essential that an applicant is in good shape. After this step, passer may undergo drug test.

3. Drug Test (DT) – All applicants shall be subjected to random drug test anytime after passing the PPE. Applicants for Drug Test shall also be identified by designated code numbers.

4. Complete Background Investigation (CBI) – This investigation includes employment, police, financial, education, and military background as well as interview with family members, neighbors, supervisors, co-workers, friends and connections with dubious people.

“The CBI shall be conducted to all PPE passers. The validation of the CBI results shall continue during the 1 year probationary period.”

5. Final Committee Deliberation (FCD) – The Screening Committee will consolidate, evaluate and review the results of the selection process. Any applicant can be summoned for appearance by the Screening Committee for clarification and confirmation, if necessary. If an applicant passed all stages of the selection process, they will now be called “Candidates” for appointment.

Step 4: Oath-Taking and Processing of Appointments

1. The Attestation Section of the Recruitment Office shall prepare the Attestation Folder of the Candidates for Appointment and shall also prepare the KSS Porma Blg. 33 to be submitted to CSC.

2. The Appointing Authority shall issue the appropriate Appointment Orders. The Orders shall identify the candidates in alphabetical order indicating their address together with the Badge Numbers and PNP Personnel Identificatioon Numbers (PPINs).

3. The Oath-taking shall be scheduled immediately but not earlier than the issuance and effectivity of the appointments.