General Guidelines for Attestation

1. The PNP shall strictly observe existing NAPOLCOM and CSC policies on appointments.

2. It is the primary responsibility of DPRM, RPHRDD, and ARMD to ensure that all appointments of uniformed personnel shall be covered with CSC attestation (KSS).

3. All PNP appointment and promotion orders shall be issued only after the transmittal of all KSS to the CSC with complete supporting documents.

4. The attestation of appointment of all PNCOs from P01 to SPO4 shall be prepared by their respective Offices/Units, (NSU/PRO), and the corresponding KSS shall be submitted to the Regional/Field CSC Office as follows:

    ⌐ NCRPO, SAF, and ASG – Bicutan CSC Field Office;
    ⌐ All other PROs — Respective CSC Regional Office; and
    ⌐ NHQ and all other NSUs — Camp Crame CSC Field Office.

5. Attestation of appointment of PINSP, PSINSP, PCINSP, and PSUPT shall be indorsed by their respective Offices/Units to RSD, DPRM for the preparation of the KSS and submission to CSC Field Office, Camp Crame for approval.

6. The temporary appointment shall be issued only to P01 Recruits and Lateral Entrants during the duration of PSBRC and FTP and shall be valid only for one year. However, this does not apply to regular promotion. Their appointment is deemed terminated upon reaching the expiry date unless their appointment is renewed. If they are not able to complete their training within the prescribed period, the recruiting office must request for the renewal of their temporary appointment before its expiration on behalf of the appointee. Only one renewal is allowed and only within two years from the date of the original appointment.

7. No promotion in temporary status shall be issued.

8. In case the KSS appointment is disapproved by the CSC, it is the duty and responsibility of the Administrative Officer of the corresponding Offices/Units to inform the appointee his/her right to appeal to the regional CSC office within 15 calendar days upon receipt thereof.

9. It is the responsibility of the appointee to appeal his/her disapproved appointment with the CSC. Refer section 5 b (8) hereof for the requirements on appeal.