Recruitment and Selection Division
Directorate for Personnel and Records Management

The two main functions of RSD-DPRM are as follows:
Recruitment of Quality and Competent Uniformed Police Personnel and
Manage the Career Development of 2nd Level Uniformed Personnel
thru an effective Placement and Promotion System

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RSD envisions to provide professional and motivated personnel by procuring and promoting highly qualified and competent individuals who are committed to the culture of excellence to deliver the goals and objectives of the PNP by 2016.


Assist TDPRM in the exercise of staff function pertaining to personnel management of second level officers of the PNP relative to recruitment, placement, promotion and attestation.

RSD Charter Statement

  • Mandate

    Republic Act 6975 as amended by RA 8551 and further amended by RA 9708

  • Core Values

    Transparency &

  • Philosophy

    Best qualified personnel to a right job

  • Clientele

    TDPRM, PNP Units / Offices, PNP Active Uniformed Personnel, and civilian applicants.
    Oversight and allied agencies like NAPOLCOM, CSC, DBM, and colleges and universities

  • Deliverable

    Selection of competent and quality uniformed police personnel as well as Management of the 2nd level uniformed personnel career development program.

  • Outcome

    Competent, disciplined, values-oriented, and well motivated 2nd Level Uniformed PNP Personnel